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Discovering the street of the most beautiful city in the world with one of the best electric bike ever is now possible thanks to ETT France. Imagine having no limit of distance, no busy subway ride, no crowded bus, and going precisely where you want to go without any sweat, this is the promess ETT will deliver.

Created in France by a Parisian entrepreneur named Hadrien Le Flanchec, ETT France specialize in renting electric bikes to couriers and tourists. Hadrien explained that they first started building bikes for London couriers who were in need of a fast, reliable and long range bicycle.

“We worked our way up, first we built a super long range bike trying to stay as light as possible, then we made it very reliable for heavy duty use and last but not least we worked on tuning it in the best way possible. We can say now that our bike is one of the best electric bicycle of the market to date and for sure the best and the most capable in Paris available for rent.”

Rent an electric bike in Paris with ETT France
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Why an electric bike and not a normal one ?

Hadrien : “I have been using all sorts of transportation ways around Paris, from bike to motorbike to scooter to cars, or bus and subway and I have always find that the quickest from A to B was the bicycle. It is also much less costly, no insurance, no registration papers, very little to no maintenance and of course way easier to park and at no cost ! The only issue was that it can be tiring to go and leave from work everyday especially in a hilly city like Paris, also lot of people have been concerned with sweating issue. Thus the electric bike solves all those issues and brings even more, the time gained for an average rider from a normal bicycle is almost 50% when going on ours. Meaning you go anywhere at least 30% quicker without effort whatsoever and also keeping the advantage of a bicycle.”

So why rent an electric bike and not a normal one ?

Firstly the comfort of use : an electric bike does all the pedaling for you, just press the pedals and off you go without any effort or energy, meaning that you won’t have to break a sweat to go anywhere.

Secondly, Paris can be quite hilly from time to time and going up all day can be tiring or even sometimes impossible due to the steep inclines. Our electric bike for rent lets you climb anywhere, at anytime and without any effort !

Thirdly, the ability to extend your discovering range, with our 160km(100miles) battery range every attractions, restaurants, castles, or museums are now under reach. You could even go to Versailles and back without problems. This is something we wanted to offer to our customers, the ability to do almost all Paris in one day or if you stay a few days the ability to reach further place that are less touristic.

How to rent an electric bike in Paris ?

We wanted to simplify the renting process to the maximum. Book your bike online or send us an mail to reverse your dates. Come to our shop for bike pick up, we give you a lock, a map and an helmet, all is included. What’s more we are fluent in English and will help you to get the best of your day(s) with the bike by giving you tips and organizing your tour depending on your tastes or your visits goals. Hadrien is a native Parisian and will even give you his best restaurants or coffee addresses to make your tour even more enjoyable and less touristic.

electric bike rental paris

What about ETT ?

ETT is an innovative start-up building electric bike since 2013. The first product launched by the brand was a crazy looking, all aluminium, lightweight, electric scooter named the Raker. Capable of 120km of autonomy, it was one of the first ever lightweight electric scooter build around it’s battery pack, like Tesla, in order to lower the center of gravity to the maximum.

Based on this experience, ETT developed the Trayser, a bicycle using the same technology as his bigger brother Raker. Built around a large battery the Trayser 1 could achieve 70miles of riding range, it was so good and reliable that it was back then mostly used and rented out to courriers in London making delivery easier, faster and a less tiring job.

The electric bike Trayser 2

The electric bike model rented by ETT France is the new Trayser 2, developed over a period of 2 years and using an even better powertrain, which is an evolution of the already fast and reliable Trayser 1. The bike has been entirely redesigned for an easier use, still made all around it’s battery pack for a super low center of gravity. Compared to most competitors placing their battery up on the frame the agility and handling of the Trayser 2 is far superior and above anything on the market. It’s all aluminium construction guarantee the Trayser 2 a superior frame stiffness and provide lightness. While the battery size is double in volume and capacity, the bike still manage to weight similar to the competition which is a great achievement.

We developed and build the bike for people that would spend the most time on it. Whether you are a bike courier or a tourist visiting you may spend a full day on the machine, so it has to be confortable. Our seat sadle is custom made, thick tyres to absorbs the cities irregularities are standard and a perfect riding position was elaborated to have almost no discomfort at all, arms not too stretched, straigh back and legs in the optimal position.

Our bike is the best tool and way to get around Paris for a full day, avoiding all the little hassle that a tourist can experience by taking the subway or the bus, searching for the correct line and getting down at the right stop, and of course to avoid the exhorbitant cost of taking a Taxi to go everywhere. Learn more about the Trayser 2.

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